International partners

The State Joint-Stock Company Electronic Communications Office of Latvia (ECO) ensures participation and representation of the interests of Latvia at various international organizations. ECO has a wide range of international cooperation partners.   The leading international organizations of communication management  and electronic communication industry of other countries, and the European Union institutions are the principal among them.  

ITU (International Telecommunication Union)

Established in 1865 as the International Telegraph Union (Union internationale télégraphique). Currently, this organization has been transformed into the International Telecommunication Union (ITU); it is a UN agency, which includes 193 countries and around 700 industry companies. Once every 3-4 years ITU holds International Radio conferences; they are a platform for the inter-state discussions of Radio terms and conditions that become binding for all the ITU member countries.

CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations)

CEPT was established in 1959. Today, it unites 48 European economic area countries so as to  develop common norms in the European region for coordinated use of radiofrequency spectrum. Its main purpose is to coordinate cooperation among European communication administrations and to lend itself as as a cooperation platform prior to the International Radio conferences.

ECC (Electronic Communications Committee)

It unites 800 organizations from 64 countries with the purpose of developing widely applicable advanced technology standards.

RSC (Radio Spectrum Committee)

It includes 28 representatives of the European Union member countries and the European Commission with the purpose of developing recommendations for the European Commission so as to ensure more harmonized and efficient use of radiofrequency spectrum.

RSPG (Radio Spectrum Policy Group)

It unites 28 representatives of the European Union member countries and European Commission with the purpose of determining technical measures for the introduction of common radiofrequency spectrum policy.