TV & Sound broadcasting

What is a broadcasting service?

Broadcasting service is a radiocommunication service in which the transmissions are intended for direct reception by the general public. This service may include sound transmissions, television transmissions, or other types of transmission (RR1.38).

Information on sound and television broadcasting in Latvia

1. Television

Currently, there are 64 digital television broadcasting stations operating in Latvia, forming five national, one regional broadcasting network, and two local stations. In the first national broadcasting network, 6 television programs (LTV1, LTV1 HD, LTV7, LTV7 HD, ReTV, TV24, TV4 and Ukraine 24) are distributed free-to-air nationwide. In the other five networks, SIA “Tet” distributes more than 50 pay-TV programs. SIA "Vidusdaugavas televīzija" broadcasts a local TV program on channel 34 in Jēkabpils and Biedrība “Create & Develop” broadcasts a local TV program on channel 41 in Jūrmala.

2. FM and AM sound broadcasting

2.1. According to the technical plan prepared by the Electronic Communications Office of Latvia and the Regional agreement on the use of 87.5 - 108 MHz frequency band for FM sound broadcasting, Geneva, 1984, the total number of FM assignments for Latvia is approximately 290. Currently, there are 271 FM sound broadcasting stations operating in Latvia.

The following FM audio broadcasting networks have been set up:

  • public radio (5 networks): Latvijas radio 1, Latvijas radio 2, Latvijas radio 3 (Klasika), Latvijas radio 4 (Doma Laukums) and Latvijas radio 5 -;
  • national commercial radio (9 networks): EHR SuperHits, European Hit Radio, Latvijas Christian Radio, Radio SWH, Radio SWH Plus, Radio SWH Rock, Radio Tev, Star FM and Top radio;
  • regional (8 networks): Divu Krastu radio, EHR Latviešu Hiti, EHR Russkie Hity, Kurzemes radio, Latgales radio, Relax FM Latvija, Radio Skonto and Spin FM.

Also, 33 local FM broadcasting stations have been established for the operation of 17 mass-media.

2.2. One local radio station (Radio Centrs) operates in the medium waves (AM). Approximately 30 AM frequency assignments are not used.

Electronic Communications Office of Latvia regularly provides the National Electronic Mass Media Council with information on places where FM and AM audio frequency allocations are available. On that basis, the Council shall decide on the call of tender for broadcasting rights.

3. Digital audio broadcasting

In accordance with the National Frequency Plan, the frequency bands 174-230 MHz and 230-240 MHz are foreseen for digital terrestrial sound broadcasting (T-DAB system). The planned frequency resource allows for the establishment of 4 to 5 nationwide networks.

In the period from December 2016 to December 2017, an experimental distribution of Latvian Radio programs in the digital sound broadcasting system T-DAB in the band 174 - 240 MHz (12D channel block) took place in Riga.