Who are we?

The Electronic Communications Office of Latvia State Joint-Stock Company (ECO) carries out tasks in the entire territory of Latvia. In order to ensure obtaining information on the electromagnetic situation in the entire country, ECO radiofrequency spectrum monitoring points have been established in the biggest cities like Riga, Liepaja, Ventspils, Rezekne, Daugavpils and Valmiera, with certain monitoring territories, where the structural units of the Radiofrequency supervision division (RSD) of the Technical department are carrying out their activities in the field of radiofrequency spectrum.

Pursuant to the State Administration Structure Law and regulatory enactments, the following state administration tasks and functions have been delegated to ECO:

  • to manage radiofrequency spectrum and numbering with the purpose of ensuring rational and efficient use thereof;
  • to provide EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and numbering services;
  • to plan the radiofrequency spectrum technical use and to determine the allocation of radiofrequencies for the operation of a radio equipment;
  • to allocate recognition (call) signals to a radio equipment;
  • to coordinate the allocation of radiofrequencies in accordance with the procedure specified in the international treaties and conventions, binding to Latvia;
  • to cooperate with communication administrations of other countries and to participate in the work of international institutions and organizations of the communication industry in order to encourage efficient use of radiofrequency spectrum and numbering services;
  • to carry out radio monitoring of the radiofrequency spectrum and to take measures of radio equipment parameters;
  • to review applications regarding harmful radio interferences in reception of radio and television programs and operation of radio communications, identifying sources of these interferences, and to make a decision on elimination of interferences;  
  • to make a decision on suspending operation of radio equipment that is being used in contrary to the laws and regulations; 
  • to issue certificates of radio amateurs; 
  • to accept or refuse technical designs for installation of electronic communication network antennas, radio equipment, broadcast transmitter or mobile communication base stations. 


ECO has the following rights:

  • to request and receive information, in accordance with the procedure specified by the Cabinet,  required for the performance of ECO functions, from an electronic communication merchant, state administration institution or other persons, as well as state information systems;
  • to gain access to the information on the equipment, in accordance with the procedure specified by the Cabinet, which causes or may cause harmful radio interferences and to demand presenting of radiofrequency allocation licenses, declarations of conformity or other documents related to the use of electronic communications;  
  • to suspend the use of such radio equipment or of any other equipment, which causes or may cause harmful radio interferences; 
  • to suspend the operation of the radio equipment used contrary to the requirements of the laws and regulations, by affixing a seal or disconnecting from power supply.