Fixed radio communications

What are fixed radio communications?

Fixed radio communications provide communications between certain fixed points. In this case, a transmitter located at a particular point communicates with one or more receivers located at certain points. Possibilities of application of fixed radio communications are very wide, incl.:

  • connections between public mobile base stations;
  • transmission of TV and radio programs from studios to a broadcast transmitter;
  • connection of nodes in private or corporate communications networks, including provision of Internet services;
  • operational services communications;

In Latvia, radio frequency spectrum from 2 GHz to 86 GHz is used for fixed wireless communications

There are several factors to consider when planning a radio line and choosing frequency bands:

  • the length of the planned line
  • required data transfer speed
  • availability of radio frequencies spectrum at a particular location
  • availability of equipment and their compliance with regulatory enactments
  • weather conditions (intensity of precipitation in the specific region)
  • and others.