Public mobile communications

What are public mobile communications?

Public mobile communications are communications in an electronic communications network used for the provision of electronic communications services. The largest number of radio frequency allocations for which electromagnetic compatibility is ensured is determined for the operation of base stations of public mobile communications operators - SIA Latvijas Mobilais telefons, SIA TELE2 un SIA BITE Latvija.

Radiofrequency bands for public mobile communications (corresponding radio interface according to National radiofrequency allocation table:

  • 450 MHz (LM-450)
  • 700 MHz (LM-700)
  • 800 MHz (LM-800)
  • 900 MHz (LM-900)
  • 1500 MHz (LM-1500)
  • 1800 MHz (LM-1800)
  • 2100 MHz (LM-2100)
  • 2300 MHz (LM-2300)
  • 2600 MHz (LM-2600)
  • 3400-3800 MHz (LM-3600-1)
  • 26 GHz (LM-26G)